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Conserving water resourcesESOURCES

All of us must do our part, and one of our most precious natural resources is Water.  At Landscape Irrigation Systems we recognise the value of water conservation by adhering to the following practices:

Surveying irrigation systemsSYSTEM

An environmentally conscious system starts with a thorough appraisal of the site to determine the individual requirements in implementing the most water-efficient irrigation system.

The Mole - installation toolINSTALLATION

This is not a problem. We use the latest equipment which will install pipe and cable with the minimum disruption from the start to contract completion. When working in flower borders great care is taken to ensure you are happy with the installation.

Take control of your systemEFFICIENT PRODUCTS

For the best results, good system design and installation must be complemented with quality equipment, incorporating water and energy saving features.

Remember, an Irrigation system starts paying for itself the day it's switched on.

Sprinklers and other productsIRRIGATION PRODUCTS

Irrigation is required to supplement rainfall during the summer months otherwise you will not receive the most satisfaction from your landscape.

Most turf will quickly start to go brown when starved of water and this can lead to disease and in some cases its loss.  The same applies to trees, shrubs and plants - you will not enjoy the best results.

In some cases it means whole plants having to be replaced at considerable cost, when all that is required is an even supply of moisture.

Rainstat shut-off sensorWHAT HAPPENS WHEN IT RAINS?

In all our systems we incorporate a Rainstat that will shut off the irrigation system when there is rain, once again saving water.

At present you could be using up to 50% more water than you require by using an inefficient watering tool.  Have an automatic irrigation system installed, that evenly distributes the right amount of water, in the right places at the right time and you have solved your problem.

With Landscape Irrigation Systems you will find total commitment to every project, ensuring the right blend of performance, long lasting reliability and a down-to-earth after sales service.

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