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The moleplough at work. This whole lawn is being irrigated with pop-up sprinklers and since the completion of the installation, the lawn has remained green through the summer months, making the clients very happy. This is how neatly the moleplough will install water pipes and cable underground. You can see that, in most cases. little damage is done to the lawn, so that within a short period of time with the sprinklers running, the lawn will be looking better.

Some of our recent work ...

Spray head sprinklers. The spray head sprinkler is the baby of the pop-up sprinklers. Its coverage is good and after installation, it will give you years of trouble free service.
Gear driven sprinklers. Another zone working in the garden at Sway.
Stream rotor sprinklers working in a garden in Surrey. These sprinklers continue to be installed as they give years of trouble free service.
Spray head sprinklers. A newly landscaped garden near Sway, Hampshire. It is most important to have sprinklers installed to keep newly laid turf growing.
A garden for two near Pewsey, Wiltshire.
High-pop sprinklers. In this garden in Hampshire, close to Petersfield, high-pop spray head sprinklers were installed as they have the height to cover well into the border.
Spray lawn pop-up heads. The owner of this Manor house in Oxfordshire had spray lawn pop-up heads installed.
Underground water storage and recycling. At times customer request storage tanks to be underground. This can be installed relatively easily, but a little more access is required so that machinery can be brought in to make things easier. Remember that all that water from your roof can be recycled this way with tanks available for any size garden. It means that this will save you money from the very first year.